Landscape Irrigation

Talty SUD Board of Directors has adopted NEW Landscape Irrigation ordinances effective January 1, 2009. The new ordinances require an installer of an irrigation system to be licensed by the commission (TCEQ) and obtain a permit from the Talty SUD office before the installation of the irrigation system and get the required inspections.

Landscape Irrigation Plan

Permits & Inspections

All NEW Irrigation systems installed after January 1, 2009, MUST have a permit issued from the Talty Special Utility District office before installation shall begin. Failure to do so will result in disconnection of service. The following is needed for an irrigation permit: Two (2) sets of irrigation plan drawings and a $195.00 permit and inspection fee.

Landscape Irrigation Permit Application

Annual Backflow Testing

Talty SUD requires annual testing of all backflow assemblies protecting against a health hazard per TCEQ and for all commercial properties regardless of health hazard.  All landscape irrigation systems shall be equipped with an approved inline testable backflow device.  If your property has a septic system and the existing Double Check (DCV) backflow device fails and is not repairable, it must be replaced with a Reduced Pressure Principle (RPZ) backflow device.

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TAC Chapter 344.51 Lanscape Irrigation

If an irrigation system is designed or installed on a property that is served by an OSSF, a reduced pressure principle backflow prevention assembly (RPZ) is required.

Section 344 Rules

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