Backflow Testing

It is the time of the year for your backflow prevention assembly valve on your sprinkler system to be tested. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), which is the regulatory agency governing Talty SUD, requires that the public water supply be protected from outside contamination. To ensure this protection, Talty SUD requires an approved backflow assembly on all irrigation systems (sprinkler systems). These devices are to be tested upon installation by a TCEQ Licensed Backflow Inspector and the test form provided to the Talty SUD office. It is also the policy of Talty SUD to require testing of the assembly annually to help prevent contamination of the water supply, if the backflow assembly is protecting against a health hazard or serving a commercial property regardles of health hazard.

All properties with an OSSF (On Site Sewer Facility, Septic Sytem) are considered a health hazard per TCEQ, and MUST be tested at least annualy.  A property with an OSSF MUST use a RPZ backflow device per TCEQ Section 344 rules.  If your property currently has a Double Check backflow device and it will no longer pass inspection, it MUST be changed out to a RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Backflow Device.

You may search for a registered backflow tester at the following links or you may use someone you know if you prefer; however, they must be registered with the Talty Water office to perform these tests. Below is an approved TCEQ form.

Backflow Assembly Testers

Backflow Assembly Test Report

Backflow Tester Registration Form

REMINDER: The deadline for the tests to be performed and results sent to our office is either May 1st or November 1st of every year depending on the testing cycle you are on. Failure to have the test done and results sent to our office will result in disconnection of service. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (972) 552-4422.

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